​CGYC is born out of a commitment to bring together community partners to help students learn the needed skills that will launch them into adulthood. We believe many businesses, organizations, and community members share this mutual passion. While each may play a different role in our community, together we can break the cycles of generational poverty by combining our efforts towards issues of mutual concern.

The CGYC logo expresses these shared-community-values. The white lettering represents the community surrounding students to provide a safe and healthy environment. The five squares represent the 5 academic and life skills CGYC builds its programs around- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). The overall look is purposefully “tribal”, emphasizing that CGYC is a place where students can belong.

Together, we can make a difference for hundreds of students. By providing tutoring, mentoring, and a place to belong, we can maximize their potential and provide a pathway for success.

Goals of CGYC

Short-Term: Students will have a safe and enriching environment in an afterschool program that offers academic and life-skills development. 

Mid-Term: Students will show improvement in academic readiness and success, as well as increased adulthood readiness. 

Long-Term: CGYC, in collaboration with a broad-based team of community partners, will impact Adams County by lessening the effect of generational poverty through strong programs aimed at promoting healthy developmental assets in r. and Sr. High students which support their transition into adulthood.